Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 changes title in the United Kingdom

The latest issue of Empire brings us all sorts of news, but probably the most intriguing piece of news concerns the 5th sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Apparently, it’s going to change names depending on the part of the world.

So, in the USA it’s going to be titled “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, while the UK audience will see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.” In France, Italy and Spain the film will be called “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar,” Salazar being the character played by Javier Bardem.

According to Empire, the reason for this name-change hasn’t been provided officially, but it is speculated that it concerns trademarks or projects with similar names in different countries around the world.

The new issue of Empire is on sale now.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and the poster.


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