Wednesday, October 19, 2016

All The Rockstar Sequels We’re Eager To Get

Rockstar teased they are returning to the Red Dead series and an official announcement has placed the release for fall 2017. As much as we’re anticipating the continuation of the Red Dead franchise, there are others we’re also eager to see.


One of the most unique Rockstar games ever, the stealth-based survival horror Manhunt was quite controversial. It was even pulled off the shelves in Australia after release despite the MA15+ rating. The game pushed boundaries, as you play as the death row prisoner James Cash who is forced to participate in snuff films and kill people in gruesome ways.

Certainly one of the most original games of this genre, and it would be interesting to see in which direction Rockstar could take the potential sequels.

Table Tennis

Ah, Rockstar’s Table Tennis, an almost decade old Xbox 360 game, is probably one of the few games with the subject of table tennis. Despite the crazy amount of time we’ve spent playing it, and the level of polish and content it had, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see Rockstar remaking or continuing the franchise. However, it would be cool to see.

L.A. Noire

This one is more likely to get a sequel, as Rockstar had gone on record saying that the game is important enough to them that they may make a sequel in the future. L.A. Noire was primarily developed by Team Bondi, Australian developer, and used some revolutionary facial expression technology that allowed the developers to do with storytelling what no other game did before.

The game is set in Los Angeles, during 1947, and you play as an LAPD officer that has to solve cases across five divisions. It wasn’t as action-packed as most Rockstar titles, but it ended up being quite influential in the gaming scene and a favorite of many.


We long for another GTA game set in Vice City. The 80’s flavored GTA adventure had a certain vibe to it that no other GTA game had – maybe because it was set in the 80’s, maybe it was due to the Miami inspiration, but it was so cool cruising those neon-soaked streets and listening to some awesome music from the time on the radio.

If we take into account that GTA IV was set in a modernized version of Liberty City, and GTA V sent us back into the all new and improved San Andreas, wouldn’t it be great to go back to Vice City as well and see how things are going now – or even keep it in the 80’s time frame? Well, we think it would.


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