Thursday, September 29, 2016

Suicide Silence to Unleash Self-Titled Album in February 2017

Deathcore band from California, Suicide Silence, have announced their fifth studio album that is set to come out in February of 2017.

The new full-length album will be self-titled, produced by Ross Robinson, a studio legend who worked on iconic releases such as Slipknot’s Iowa, Sepultura’s Roots and Korn’s self titled album. The release was announced by the band on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal station, and it’s going to happen under the wing of Nuclear Blast.

This is going to be the band’s second album with Eddie Hermida on vocals, as he replaced Mitch Lucker in 2012 after his tragic and untimely death. Suicide Silence may be the first album of the band that will have no lyrical content written by Lucker – 2014’s title track of You Can’t Stop Me featured lyrics that Lucker wrote before he passed.

“The music in itself is something that you’re not going to be expecting from us,” says guitarist Mark Heylmun. “That’s really all you can say. It’s going to be the newest Suicide Silence you’ve ever heard.”

“We decided to call it Suicide Silence pretty much before we even started writing because we knew we were gonna go with a no holds barred, fearless approach to the record and not put any restraints on ourselves or stick to some formula that we very well could stick to cause we know how to play our music,” adds vocalist Eddie Hermida. “But for this one, we dug f–kin’ deep and Ross is the sickest producer and Joe Barresi just finished mixing it. So we’ve got the rawest, realest approach to recording. It’s a raw, real record and it’ll be out February 2017 on Nuclear Blast.”

“It makes perfect sense. [Robinson and Barresi] are a dream team and it’s such an honor to have those dudes in our corner telling us how f–king badass our new record is,” Heylmun gushes. “It’s out of this world, man,” Eddie adds. “If Ross and Joe love it, then everyone’s gonna like it, and if you don’t like it, good.”

“We were paying homage [to Lucker on our last album], paying respects to the legacy that was left behind, but now it’s time to pick up the reins and it’s a new band and it’s a new entity and it’s the perfect opportunity for a band to redefine themselves, to show the world who we really are deep down inside,” Hermida describes. “We’re not little kids anymore and we’re not trying to prove ourselves in the heavy community. We’ve already made our name there and it’s time to spread our wings and see what happens. You can only learn how to fly by jumping off the cliff.”

A co-headlining U.S. tour with Whitechapel and support from Carnifex and Oceano has already been announced, and started September 28.


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