Monday, July 4, 2016

G500 4x4 Squared Has Been Tuned By Brabus

The G500 4x4 Squared is not an easy car to tune, but it’s not like Brabus have ever been put off by that. Even though it’s not the definition of a performance car, it has recently seen an upgrade.

Brabus’s latest effort, the tuned version of G500 4x4 Squared is a case in point, with its 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 getting an impressive 500hp and 523lb-ft of torque, while before it was equipped with 422 horsepower. Those portal axles better be as tough as they look, as the Squared version has those giant tyres and portal axles from Mercedes G63 6x6 placed beneath the regular G-Wagen with four wheels.

But despite its power, it still takes 6.9 seconds for the 0-62mph run, which probably can’t keep the pace even with a Ford Fiesta ST. However, the Brabus would probably achieve that speed on any terrain. The SUV has an electronically controlled top speed of 139mph.

It holds its own in the looks department as well, with paint and bodywork modifications that include LED daytime running lights and a fine leather interior. It comes at a price of well over $200,000 but it does look amazing.


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