Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Filmomat is a Fully Automated Photo Processor that Doesn’t Require a Dark Room

Lukas Fritz, a German photographer, has built a film processor that basically automaticallydevelops film, whether color 35 mm or black & white.It significantly reduces the cost and time of developing the film, especially seeing that it doesn’t even require a darkroom. Nevertheless, the pictures are developed in high quality!

The device is called Filmomat, and it has several compartments filled with appropriate chemicals used for processing and developing photos. The chemicals used, by the way, are chemical fixer and a chemical stopper, together with some additional substances that photographers use for film and slides. Another neat feature of Filmomat is that it has a 6-liter water tank for photo wash.

It can also remember around 50 different development processes, which is huge, especially if you consider that each of the processes can involve about 10+ steps.

So, the only thing required to see this amazing device in action is to fill up the tanks with appropriate chemical, turn the push dial and allow it to do its magic for you!


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