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20 Celebrities Rumored to Be Members of the Illuminati

According to conspiracy theorists the Illuminati is an elite society that essentially controls the world’s actions in complete secrecy. Some believe the organization extends to the celebrity world, with the following 20 stars rumored to be involved in their operations. The truth is out there. Well, maybe.

20. Jay Z

Image: Frederick M. Brown/getty Images

From curious hand gestures to strange symbols in music videos, some have speculated whether hip-hop star Jay Z could be an Illuminati member. Some even believe that his daughter’s name, Blue Ivy, may also be a sign.

19. Rihanna

Image: Pascal Le Segretain/getty Images For Vogue

The Barbadian singer’s alleged Illuminati membership has been speculated ever since her 2007 breakthrough hit “Umbrella.” The song’s video features Rihanna dancing inside a giant triangle, a symbol often associated with the secretive group.

18. Katy Perry

Image: Bennett Raglin/getty Images For David Lynch Foundation

Unlike her contemporaries, Katy Perry hasn’t been coy about supporting the secret society. “If the Illuminati exist, I would like to be invited,” the “Dark Horse” singer told Rolling Stone. “I’m like, ‘Come on, let me in!’”

17. Donald Trump

Image: Saul Loeb/afp/getty Images

If conspiracy theorists are to be believed, Donald Trump’s big political aspirations may be the result of Illuminati influence. Is the Republican presidential nomination frontrunner acting on behalf of a higher, hidden organization?

16. Madonna

Image: Ethan Miller/getty Images For Aba

Madonna perhaps gave a nod to her secret society credentials by including a track called “Illuminati” on 2015 album Rebel Heart. In an interview with Rolling Stone, meanwhile, the singer revealed, “I know who the real Illuminati are and I know where that word comes from.”

15. Paul McCartney

Image: Jim Dyson/getty Images

Hits like “I Want to Hold Your Hand” may sound innocuous, but could there be a darker, hidden meaning behind Paul McCartney’s songs? Some believe his former group The Beatles were created to brainwash impressionable youths by introducing them to Illuminati values.

14. Britney Spears

Image: Jason Merritt/getty Images

Britney Spears may have alluded to her Illuminati membership during her much-documented stint in rehab in 2007. Apparently the singer wrote “666” on her head and screamed “I’m the antichrist!” Could these be references to the group’s interest in the occult?

13. Adele

Image: Jason Merritt/getty Images

Her latest album 25 sold 4.5 million copies in its first fortnight of being on sale, so could it be that Adele’s success is down to Illuminati intervention? By covering one eye in recent photoshoots the British singer has certainly been fueling the rumors.

12. Jim Carrey

Image: Valerie Macon/afp/getty Images

When Jim Carrey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in November 2014 he wasn’t exactly shy about flashing an Illuminati-style hand gesture. “I’m here to blow the whistle off of this whole thing,” he told the talk show host, who, incidentally, he suggested was “part of” the secret organization.

11. Daft Punk

Image: Jason Merritt/getty Images

French electro music pair Daft Punk are pretty secretive about concealing their faces – a nod to their Illuminati membership, perhaps? On a tour in the mid-to-late noughties, meanwhile, the artists performed inside a giant pyramid – an allusion, maybe, to New World Order symbolism.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Image: Stuart C. Wilson/getty Images

She’s been known to flash the Illuminati triangle, but does this mean Lindsay Lohan is a fully paid-up member? Well, possibly not, but some have speculated that she’s pretty keen on the secret organization – or maybe just keen on copying other celebs.

9. Nicolas Cage

Image: Frazer Harrison/getty Images

Actor Nicolas Cage took his alleged Illuminati connections to strange new depths after he bought a pyramid-shaped tomb in New Orleans in 2010. The star’s silence on his somewhat morbid acquisition has only served to intensify rumors of his links with the organization.

8. Nicki Minaj

Image: Jason Merritt/getty Images

Not one to shy away from using sacrilegious imagery – take her exorcism-themed Grammy Awards performance in 2012, for example – Nicki Minaj is no stranger to Illuminati membership rumors. They intensified with her 2014 song “Anaconda,” which contained more than one alleged Illuminati reference.

7. Celine Dion

Image: Kevin Winter/getty Images

She may not seem a natural fit for the Illuminati, but Celine Dion may have made reference to the society’s triangular symbol on her “Eyes on Me” single sleeve – at least according to the conspiracy theorists. And what’s with the one eye on her “Loved Me Back to Life” cover?

6. Angelina Jolie

Image: Jason Merritt/getty Images

Her lead role in Maleficent – a movie that allegedly contains occult and Illuminati symbolism – sparked rumors of a link between Angelina Jolie and the secret organization. Some think the “Angel” part of her name may also be a telltale sign.

5. Miley Cyrus

Image: Jemal Countess/getty Images

When Miley Cyrus was interviewed by Paper magazine in June 2015, the piece was accompanied by a revealing photo with some obvious triangular symbolism. It’s what she said, though, that was perhaps more revealing. “I feel like I’m in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle,” she explained. Hmm.

4. Pharrell Williams

Image: Mike Windle/getty Images For A+E Networks

There has, apparently, been some Illuminati imagery in a couple of Pharrell Williams’ music videos. Take the portrayal of Marilyn Monroe as some kind of moon goddess in “Marilyn Monroe,” for example, or the 666 hand symbol in “WTF (Where They From),” his recent collaboration with Missy Elliott.

3. Kanye West

Image: Kevork Djansezian/getty Images

After the launch of Jay Z’s Tidal, Kanye West tried to silence those accusing the streaming service of somehow being Illuminati linked. “If there was actually an Illuminati, it would be more like the energy companies,” he explained to Paper magazine. “We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities.”

2. Lady Gaga

Image: D Dipasupil/getty Images

Lady Gaga has explained that her outlandish onstage appearances are down to an Illuminati-inspired dream. “I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home,” she told Rolling Stone. “And my mother goes, ‘Isn’t that an illuminati ritual?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’”

1. Emma Watson

Image: Gerard Julien/afp/getty Images

There are apparently a few photos where Emma Watson is doing the 666 and all-seeing eye gestures, or so Illuminati conspiracy theorists believe. Then of course is the Harry Potter movie series, which is essentially a silver-screen tribute to witchcraft.


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