Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Racing Game Best Rain Effects? FH 2 Vs Driveclub Vs Project Cars

It has become a common trend to feature dynamic weather conditions in games, especially racing games. It makes the game all the more realistic and it has become something over which game developers compete. Here we decided to compare some of the most popular games and see which one nails the rain effects the best, Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One, Driveclub on PS4 or the multi-format release of Project CARS. We are comparing those elements included in the game, and not the expansions which you have to buy.

Obviously, all three developers actually do a great job in conveying rain, and it’s just a matter of preference who does it best. As for us, we would go with Driveclub which invested extra effort to tiniest of details. Developers of the game are Northern England based company Evolution Studios and we’re looking forward to seeing what they will come up with in future. Incidentally, all three game developers are UK based.


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