Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Project CARS exclusive PS4 gameplay: Racing into the night at Imola

DriveClub’s transitions between day and night are truly amazing; but as expected, the Project CARS is also more than able to impress.

What is great about the Project CARS is that it accurately simulates all the risks of driving with limited visibility, especially at dusk conditions as the night falls. So, if you’d like to test yourself about the circuit, try this. You’ll notice that those braking markers you counted on are all of a sudden quite difficult to see.

As the finalizing of the Project CARS is getting near, Alan sits behind the wheel of an LMP2 for a race around Imola with the time sped up. It leads to a great day/night transition that beautifully presents Project CARS’ awesome lighting effects!

Naturally, night racing is usually related to Le Mans, the ultimate endurance test, which will be a subject of a next video. You are also allowed to participate in full 24-hour Le Mans races, with a possibility to choose whichever car you whish.


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