Friday, March 27, 2015

Project CARS Vs Real Life Comparison: Renault Megane RS At Nordschleife

The newest back-to-back comparison of reality with the Project CARS footage is truly breathtaking.
The quality of work done on Project CARS is so high that from the bumper view it is almost impossible to distinguish what is the in-game video and what is filmed in reality.

A Renault Megane RS is represented in the video speeding down the NurburgringNordschleife. The two implemented views: the bumper view and the view from the inside of the car keep alternating, making this video stand out from the crowd of videos of other games currently available on the internet.

What is your personal opinion of the video? Did you have trouble discerning reality from the game? YouTube channel DigiProst is responsible for bringing us this footage. Project CARS will be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in the middle of May in Europe and US, and some time in 2015 (presumably) for the Wii U. For more on Project CARS check out the official site.


  1. It looks great, Im so ready for a good racing game on PC.

    1. Plenty of good sims out there man :)