Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Project CARS for PS4 Releases a Video Preview

A preview of project CARS has appeared on thexboxachievements and playstationtrophies which guides through some of its basic features.

The video was taken from the version ported for PS4 console and is regarded by the community as “a proper sim”. The increase in aggressiveness of the AI has been reported and with the addition of the uneven tracks it is not that hard to find yourself kissing the wall.

While the footage does lack the finishing touches it is important to note that this is far from a completed game to the point where it is not even known what build it currently is on. What are your first impressions of the new video, will it be a new revolution in driving sim, or just another quickly forgotten fad?

PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of Project CARS is scheduled for release in Europe and America on April 2 and the date for Wii U is still unspecified. For more on Project CARS check out the official site.

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