Saturday, January 24, 2015

Altra Halo smart shoes to track your workout with built-in sensor

Considering the way technology is getting smarter and smaller, it was just a matter of time before wearable tech gear took off and this year sounds pretty exciting if we look at the large number of running brands and electronics companies that released or plan on releasing gadgets, apps, shoes and apparel aimed at improving the way everyone runs.

And a great example is Altra, the Utah based company coming at CES 2015 with the Altra Halo, a smart shoe with an integrated sensor that keeps an eye on your workout and helps you improve. The shoe features a razor-thin sensor made by iFitthat measures different data during your workout, analyzes your gait and sends the data to your smartphone or iFit GPS Watch. According to Altra, the difference between Halo and other performance metrics is that while all other products analyze the data after the workout, their shoe is able to provide constant feedback during your workout, allowing you to make adjustments (such as changing your foot position) and get rid of bad habits.

Also, unlike other gadgets, the Halo doesn’t measure the usual stuff (speed, distance, etc.), but instead focuses on aspects of your running gait such as foot strike zone, cadence and ground force impact. To have access to all this data, you can connect the Halo shoe either to an app available for smartphones or to an iFit Peak or Ridge watch.

"The opportunity with the Altra Halo shoe is real-time feedback as you run, so you can quickly adjust and improve your running form before bad habits take hold," explains Brian Beckstead, Altra's VP of sales.

According to Altra, the Halo smart shoe is schedule to be available towards the end of 2015, probably around holiday season, and its retail price will be somewhere around $180.

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